Stay Fast Clothing Company Inc.

About Us

Aaron Martin aka Country

  • Tattooing 21yrs
  • Piercing 20yrs
  • From Greenup, Ky
  • Former Fireman, Boxer, server
  • Dad of 4
  • Artist my whole life. I have been drawing since I can remember.
  • Currently live in Daytona beach
  • Also owns Countrys Tattoo Saloon & HALLOWEEN HOOTENANNY.

My name is Aaron Martin aka Country
I have been a big supporter of Stay Fast clothing since 2009 when I came to Daytona beach FL. It was the clothing line that was started at Generation X Tattoos in 2008. I loved the material and many custom designs they had to offer. Stay Fast has been at home and on the road with me ever since. Last year, 2019, I was lucky enough to purchase Stay Fast as my own. We are bringing out a new line this year 2020 for our Stay Fast Family. Our new look will include alot of America style art, biker, street races, fighters, pinups and everyone else who needs to STAY FAST ever day. I am happy to hit the road and make sure people know we are looking forward to making new friends and get more great ideas.