Stayfast Custom Clothing

Custom Distressed T-Shirts with an Attitude

Custom distressed t-shirts from Stay Fast Clothing offer comfort and style for today’s biker.  Whether it’s spending the day cruising with friends down in Miami or a night out at the local motorcycle bars in Orlando, there is no better way to express one’s passion for who they are than with custom distressed t-shirts.

Unlike tattoos which are permanent, custom distressed t-shirts are available in a variety of cool designs and colors with original art work that bikers appreciate. Some of the most popular themes for custom distressed t-shirts feature motorcycles, sharks and skulls that symbolize the overall attitude of motorcycling.

Stay Fast custom distressed t-shirts are designed by in-house tattoo artists. Each shirt is expertly designed as an original piece of wearable art.  They are available in an array of eye-catching colors as well as traditional gray and black colors for men and women. Each shirt is distressed by hand and ready to wear.  Ride in style with custom distressed t-shirts from Stay Fast contact us today.